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Where as the heat gone??

Posted on August 9, 2018

Sun shining down from a blue sky with a thermometer on the ground reaching the max temperature.

Good afternoon readers, it seems we have gone back to normal with the weather now as the heatwave finally seems to begin to take a cooling down period. Hallelujah! Who agrees with me on this?

Don’t get me wrong the hot weather has had its advantages, one being able to actually walk outside without being heavily rained on. However, the fact that a water ban was almost put in place it proves that it did take its toll on the British environment even though that the businesses were booming.

As game of thrones says ‘Winter is coming’ and the end of the season is slowly but surly catching itself up.  Sadly, the United Kingdom can never has consistent weather, it always likes to play the hard ball, by this I mean having all the types of forecasts in one day. Crazy!

So with all this heat lasting a lot of weeks it’s placed everyone under sudden confusion as their bodies are being required to adapt to the temperature changes quickly without any real chance to warm up to it. Quite frankly, I am not entirely sure how the animals outside have managed to cope, with the lack of water currently being available.

So as the winter approaches who else will end up staying in their room binge watching every show going at their Sheesham TV Unit. Nothing is better than sitting down and relaxing whist watching your faviourte shows or movies. Now, don’t think he’s ‘lazy’ as I’m far from it with me hiking during my free time (weather permitting).

With this blog reaching the end, I hope that you all have a good evening doing whatever you have planned and I will see you all here at Sheesham Furniture tomorrow for the next daily blog!