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The Sound of Time

Posted on April 25, 2018

The Sound of Time

So here is a fun fact for you readers, as a much smaller version of myself I used to sit in front of my Sheesham TV Unit and tune into Thomas The Tank Engine. Yes week in week out as a young pre-schooler  I would tune in to the show, with this name Ringo Star popping up as the narrator.

Now looking back this was clearly the ‘I watched it because I was young’ situations, however while watching one day I asked ‘who is Ringo Star’?

Oddly enough the answer to this question introduced me to what is arguably the greatest combination of musicians the world has ever known.

Yes unlike many music fans this was my introduction to The Beatles, generating a following that has existed to this day.

Frequently you will find me chilling out on a weekend, with one of their albums playing in the background. Be it Sgt Pepper or Rubber Soul, their albums are frequently picked from out of my Sheesham Bookcase.

However what is it that makes them so special, why do they provide me with the musical satisfaction that few other artists can reach?

This is something that will cross my mind as I listen to their tightly crafted melodies, the harmonic vocals and the excellent instrumentation. From a musical perspective thy cannot be faulted, however it is the fact that I am listening to history being made.

Unfortunately I can never experience what the world was like in the 60’s. I can watch as many old concerts and events from the era in front of my Sheesham TV Cabinet. However I cannot ever be there.

This is why I enjoy listening to The Beatles as much as I do; it is a time capsule in a way. Each vocal, each guitar lick all transports me back to the era that they themselves defined, both musically and culturally.

It gives you an Idea of how the world was back then a world where social and cultural values would forever be changed. Fashion, politics, social customs, technology and  yes music were all going under a huge transformation. Of all of these transformations, music is the one which still gives you a glimpse into that moment in time, listening to classic tracks like Hard Days Night, Lucy In The Sky With Drive My Car, Help! and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

I have similar feelings when listening to The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. Despite not being there as it happened, the sound can still give you an idea of what the era would have been like – the sound giving you a glimpse into the cultural and social revolution that was the 60’s.

However no other band gives you this sort of insight than the one who helped define it. The combination that will never be replicated  John Paul George and Ringo.

The Beatles.