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That British Weather!

Posted on October 2, 2018

Great Britain flag.

Good afternoon readers, it’s now Monday where you clock in at work to see all the tasks that need doing straight away. Well, the weather doesn’t seem to have got any better with what was the hot nights turning into cold nights.

Now, it’s that wonderful time of the year again where by almost 5pm it’s almost pitch black outside. That’s right everyone, we are now back to those ever so delightful cold nights, although I must say it’s much better in my opinion to the sweltering heat we was experiencing just a few weeks ago!

Anyway, as you can probably already tell by what I am talking about today’s blog is informing you of the Great British Weather. Although, let’s be completely honest nothing really is ‘great’ about our weather. Sun, Snow, Rain, Hail and high winds can all occur within just one day, aren’t we so lucky?

However, us Brits’ as most people call us don’t really complain about the weather that much. Actually, that’s a lie it’s pretty much been built in us to moan no matter how good or bad the weather is.

Speaking about weather I’ve recently learned whilst being at my Laptop which sits on my Sheesham Office Unit beautifully is that in Australia they have a BBQ on Christmas. Well, it’s easy to say that personally I am not jealous at all…

To the fellow Brits’ reading this blog, would you love to have a BBQ on Christmas day or just stick with the lovely dinner you already have? The only reason I wouldn’t have a BBQ on Christmas day is that I don’t think I could cope without having any pigs in blankets. Can’t beat that good old tradition can you?!

So, as this blog comes to an end I shall see you all back here at Sheesham Furniture for the next daily blog tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your evening.