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Spygate Leeds Scandal

Posted on January 16, 2019


Hello readers of the wonderful Sheesham blog. How are you all on the fine day? Well I may call this a fine day, as it just depends on what you class as fine. As today it is absolutely freezing however it’s sunny. So I would say that today is a fine day. Anyway I have a question for you, well two. First one being do you follow football? If yes you are like me, a huge football fan. And what team do you support if you do. In my opinion I believe I follow the best team around Leeds United.  Luckily for the first time in many years we are actually doing well in the league. We are over halfway through the season and we are top of the table. This means that if we are still in this position at the end of the season, May. Then we will get promoted to the premier league. However we have history of getting there and then failing in the last moment.
However you may have heard in the news the whole Spygate scandal. This is where the Leeds United Manager Marcelo Bielsa has admitted to sending a spy to go watch our opponents training session. The person got caught by the police and then this stirred lots of controversy. This has stirred people into two sides one being it’s not illegal so it’s okay, whereas the other side is it’s immoral. Personally I don’t see a problem with this as there is no rules saying that this isn’t allowed.

However the Football League is now having an investigation about us with the possibility of a point’s deduction, which I find pretty ridiculous. Anyway that has been todays Sheesham Furniture blog, I hope you enjoyed my rant.

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