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Sheesham Sideboards

The ultimate example of durable home storage, our collection of Sheesham Sideboards are available with a number of design variants to suit your home storage demands and give that desired Indian Sheesham Wood feeling. This is done by providing you with not only that renowned famous Sheesham Furniture look but also a versatile storage solution for your living room, bedroom or study.

Browse our highly desired items below:

Cuba Natural Large Sideboard

Cuba Natural Large Sideboard (C6NW)



The Cuba Natural Large Sideboard is a beautifully made piece of Sheesham furniture that is sure to make your living room look amazing. There are 3 spacious drawers in the middle of the front face as well as 2 cupboards on the outer edges giving even more space for storage. The flat top of the unit gives plenty of display space for photos, ornament ...
Natural Large Jali Sideboard

Natural Large Jali Sideboard (J4N)



This Natural Large Jali Sideboard comes complete with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards which are very handy for keeping all that household clutter stored away safely for until it is needed, while its flat surface top is fantastic for displaying ornaments, photos and awards either in the living room, bedroom and hallway. The Natural Large Jali Sideboard ...

Cuba Dark Large Multi Shelf Dresser Open (C6W&C7W)



The Large Cube Dresser is crafted out of the highest quality solid Indian Sheesham wood, which has been given a striking dark wood finish in this example; this excellently contrasts with the metal handles. Offering a great amount of storage space this piece has 3 drawers, 2 cupboards as well as 7 contemporary open shelves. This piece is also ...

Cuba Dark Large Sideboard (C6W)



The Sheesham Sideboard is one of over 100 items in our Cuba Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% Solid Sheesham Wood. To achieve the dark finish we apply a warm honey stain and then apply a clear lacquer on top of that. The lacquer not only offers protection, but it gives the wood a smoother and more polished feel. The C ...

Cuba Dark Small Multishelf Dresser Open (C4W&C5)



The Cuba Dark Multishelf Dresser Open will be a welcomed addition to any living room, dining room or study. Crafted out of the highest quality solid Indian Sheesham wood you know that this piece will have a long lasting design; having 3 shelves, 3 drawers and a cupboard this piece will be perfect for any of your storage needs whether this is larg ...

Cuba Dark Small Sideboard (C4W)



The classic  Cuba Dark Small Sideboard  is a must have feature to revamp any living room, hallway or home study. With its sleek design, this unit combines modern and traditional styles to create a homely feel from its dark exterior. With 3 handy storage drawers, this Sheesham Sideboard also comes with a large spacious cabinet with interior she ...

Reclaimed Indian Large Sideboard (RF4)



The Sheesham Sideboard is one of over 10 items in our Reclaimed Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% reclaimed Sheesham Wood. The finish on each one is completely different, making your piece totally unique. Our Sheesham Furniture has great storage space and looks brilliant, making the perfect combination. We offer this in ...

Reclaimed Indian Small Sideboard (RF3)



Each Reclaimed Indian Small Sideboard has a great amount of storage space; having 3 drawers and one cupboard this piece will please all of your storing needs. This unique piece will be a standout unit in any room, with no two pieces being the same. ...
Natural Large Cube Sideboard

Natural Large Cube Sheesham Sideboard (C6N)



The Natural Large Cube Sideboard is a great option for those looking for that little extra storage without compromising on style. Great for a living room or dining room the unit comes with 2 cupboards each with an interior shelf and 3 drawers in the center of the piece giving this unit massive storage potential for anything from books to cutlery. ...

Cube Light Large Multi Shelf Dresser Open Back (C6L&C7L)



The Cube Light Large Multi Shelf Dresser Open Back is a stunning piece of bedroom furniture design, blending both its unique look and style into one. Each unit will boast 7 Open Shelves and one sideboard containing three handy drawers as well as two cabinets featuring an interior shelf. Every unit will be hand crafted from Solid Indian Sheesham Wo ...