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Sheesham Sideboards

Our traditionally timeless range of Sheesham Sideboards are here!

Encpaulsating a bolstered amount of style, service and storage, each and every one of these Sheesham Wood Sideboards have been crafted with a loving hand using handpicked, naturally sourced material and can be complimented with any of our Sheesham Coffee Tables.

Completeing any home aesthetic, these fantastic products such as the Rosewood Sideboard are designed to bolster your living experience and can store folders, decorations and extra home accesories.

Seen on this page are a wide range of different syles to suit your home, and renowned to Sheesham Wood Furniture, offer a durably sleek solid wood frame to support your household for years to come.

Indian Sheesham Wood gives these products their dash of undeniable flair, and is naturally sourced by our team of specialists.

Indian Rosewood Cupboard

Indian Rosewood Cupboard (JP10H)



The Indian Rosewood Cupboard is a masterpiece that will improve your rosewood furniture collection. This unit comes equipped with; 2 cabinets, a single drawer and 2 storage holes, with the addition of a generous surface area on top. All of our Sheesham Sideboards encompass a durable solid wood frame to service your household throughout hundreds of ...
Light Indian Rosewood Cupboard

Light Indian Rosewood Cupboard (JP10L)



The impeccable Light Indian Rosewood Cupboard is a great example of versatile home storage. Its extravagant design features 2 shelved cabinets, a handy drawer and 2 storage holes for those extra decorations. This is crafted out of Sheesham Wood that features a light wood finish. The cabinets can store things like; DVD’s, CD’s, books and folders ...
Light Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard

Light Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard (JP4L)



The Light Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard is the ideal for any home in need of some additional storage for the living room, bedroom or study. Each unit comes with 3 central storage drawers that are flanked by 2 spacious cabinets, each consisting of a built in interior shelf. The Light Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard is made from Indian Sheesham ...
Light Indian Rosewood Sideboard

Light Indian Rosewood Sideboard (JP2L)



This Light Indian Rosewood Sideboard is an example to fine craftsmanship as this is crafted out of Solid Sheesham Wood. This unit comes with 2 handy drawers as well as a large cabinet for extra storage. This can store things such as DVD’s or folders. The room on top can be used for pictures or ornaments and the natural sourced Indian Wood finish ...
Indian Rosewood Sideboard

Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard (JP4H)



This Rosewood Sideboard is luxuriously sleek throughout its generous solid wooden frame. Combining style, service and storage, these Sheesham Wood products are bursting with charming durability for a long lasting aesthetic, and featur 2 cabinets alongside 3 individual drawers and a sleek surface area.  Similar to the rest of our premium Sheesha ...
Jali Sideboard

Jali Sideboard (J5)



This Jali Sideboard offers a cupboard section which is closed in with 2 doors each featuring bespoke Indian Jali iron work and 2 additional drawers which give this piece loads of storage potential. Great for a living room, bedroom, hallway or study this item is can be used for storing and displaying photo's, books, ornaments and any other items you ...
Large Jali Sideboard

Large Jali Sheesham Sideboard (J4)



This Large Jali Sideboard is a great item for displaying and storing photos, collectibles, ornaments and mementos and it manages this with ease with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards which each have an interior shelf making this a great item for giving a home that bit of additional storage while gaining something of such beauty. The Large Jali Sideboar ...
Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet

Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet (J3N)



The Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet comes complete with a large cupboard with 2 interior shelves which are ideal for a Hi-Fi unit which will be very well protected behind a large door. The unit also comes with an additional 2 drawers is very handy for keeping all of your best albums nearby and in great condition. The Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet is mad ...
Cuba Light Wine Rack

Cuba Light Wine Rack (C37LW)



This Cuba Light Wine Rack is able to accommodate up to 15 70cl bottles within the 15 bottles holders. It is also able to store things like glasses, large bottles, etc. within the cupboard on the right and keep things like corkscrews, bottle stoppers, etc. safe and sound in the drawer on the right. Inside the cupboard there are a set of glass hold ...
Cube Natural Small Sideboard

Cube Natural Small Sideboard (C4N)



The Cube Natural Small Sideboard is the ideal candidate for a living room, study or even dining room. There are 3 drawers on the right hand side of the front face to give you plenty of storage space. There is also a cupboard on the left for even more space. The handles on the sideboards are made from metal to help the unit blend in with a modern d ...