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Sheesham Occasional Tables

On this magnificent page you will find an abundance of Sheesham Occasional Tables from our Rosewood Furniture collection.

We pride ourselves on premium quality products, and these Rosewood Tables are no exception. Each unit is designed with chic on trend styles, and provides a variety of different sizes, services and storage oppertunities.

Thanks to their versatile nature, the majority of products on this page can be used as Sheesham Coffee Tables, and can store a multitude of different home accesories within them.

Furthermore, this page embodies a variety of different ranges, from Jali Furniture to our classic Sheesham Furniture.

Indian Sheesham Wood is a well known material, renowned for providing durable solid wood excellence – which we bolster by naturally sourcing and handpicking our material.

Browse these occasional tables below.

Indian Rosewood Nest of Tables

Indian Rosewood Nest of Tables (JP13H)



The Indian Rosewood Console Table features 2 handy drawers and a single shelf. This is a great place for keeping your home accessories neat and tidy; In addition this would be a place to put the phone or broadband router. Each of our Indian Rosewood Console Tables is constructed from Indian Sheesham Wood which is given a rich, warm honey wood finis ...
Indian Rosewood Side Table

Indian Rosewood Side Table (JP11H)



This Indian Rosewood Side Table is the best piece of Sheesham wood furniture to add to your living room. Each unit is a simplistic design but it still is a versatile design that features spacious surfaces both on the top and bottom shelf. This can be used as a side table, display table as well as a coffee table. This is given a fine rich honey wood ...

Light Indian Rosewood Nest (JP14L)



This Light Sheesham Nest is the best product that shows great craftsmanship and that the unit was crafted by Indian Sheesham Wood. When these are separated these would be ideal as a stool or temporary coffee table. Each unit has its own characteristics as it is given a light wood finish. The Light Indian Rosewood Nest is also available in a Hone ...
Light Indian Rosewood Nest of Tables

Light Indian Rosewood Nest of Tables (JP13L)



The Light Indian Rosewood Nest of Tables is a grand piece of furniture that is made of Indian Sheesham Wood. These set of 3 solid wood tables can be placed intertwined or as separate tables that can offer extra space when it’s required. This unit has been given its own unique finish as this is a vibrant light wood finish. The Light Indian Rose ...
Natural Medium Jali Lamp Table

Natural Medium Jali Lamp Table (J29N)



This Natural Medium Jali Lamp Table comes with a spacious and smooth surface top which is ideal for a lamp, phone or for keeping a vase on and other decorative features. What is really great about the Natural Medium Jali Lamp Table is how good it will look in the home. The body is made from 100% natural Indian Sheesham, and we really do mean nat ...

Cube Light Nest of Tables (C33L)



The Sheesham Nest of Tables is one of over 100 items in our Cube Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% Solid Sheesham Wood. To achieve the light finish we simply apply a clear lacquer to the wood. The lacquer not only offers protection, but it gives the wood a smoother and more polished feel. Our Sheesham Furniture has gr ...
Reclaimed Indian Nest of Tables

Reclaimed Indian Nest of Tables (RF8)



The Reclaimed Indian Nest of Tables  is a versatile piece that would work well in any home. The unit comes with 2 tables – one big and one small that can fold away neatly together. The simplistic design offers numerous possibilities as it could be used to place a vase on, as a lamp table, as a temporary dinner table for when the kids bring the ...
Cube Light S Shaped Side Table

Cube Light S Shaped Side Table (C34L)



The Cube Light ‘S’ Shaped Side Table is a novel item for any household offering a unique feel due to its stylish build; featuring three shelves this unit is suitable for displaying your ornaments, photos and much more. Each unit will be crafted from Solid Indian Sheesham Wood and showcase a stunning light wood touch. This piece is also avail ...
Light Cube Nest of Tables

Light Cube Nest of Tables (C29L)



The Light Cube Nest of Tables would make for an invaluable addition to your home. The set comes with 3 individual tables which fold away neatly into one individual unit making it great for when you have guests over such as friends and family and you don’t have enough surface space to go around. The unit’s vast versatility is such that it could ...
Light Cube Long John

Light Cube Long John (C27L)



The Light Cube Long John is a great item to add to any living room or dining room thanks to its versatility. The unit comes with 3 table’s one long table and 2 smaller tables that fit nicely underneath making this a very unobtrusive unit that would be fantastic for those who have family and friends over and are running tight on surface space. Its ...