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Sheesham Mirrors

Looking for that perfect mirror to mount on your wall? Then look no further, as our Sheesham Mirrors collection has it all from different sizes to shapes, which are showcased in the Sheesham Furniture UK selection.

Take a look at all our Rosewood Furniture available at your finger tips below:

Natural Cuba Rectangular Mirror

Natural Cuba Rectangular Mirror (CB5N)



The Natural Cuba Rectangular Mirror is framed in 100% Indian Sheesham Wood and is left in its natural colour  as no added finishes or colouring have been added to the wood. The unit could be used in any room in the house however we feel that this would look especially good in a living room. The Natural Cuba Rectangular Mirror also available in ...
Cube Mirror

Cube Mirror (CB5)



This Cube Mirror will give a new lease of life to any room in your home from living room to hallway.   Easy to hang this mirror, with its Indian Sheesham Wood frame provides a simple yet effective way to update your interior. ...
Tall Cube Mirror

Tall Cube Mirror (CB4)



This Tall Cube Mirror would look at home in any living room or bedroom.  Made from 100% Indian Sheesham Wood and given a honey finish to really bring out the warm and bold characteristic of the wood we do think there is a way to check your looking your best than with this. The Tall Cube Mirror is versatile in its design as it can hang either hori ...
Reclaimed Indian Mirror

Reclaimed Indian Mirror (RF9)



The Reclaimed Indian Mirror would be a quirky yet stylish addition to the home. The unit is a mirror so its tasks are pretty self-explanatory and would be unique to the individual who buy’s it – however it can easily be mounted in a number of rooms from the living room though to the bedroom. However the key to this piece is its frame which i ...
Small Cube Mirror

Small Cube Mirror (C21)



The Small Cube Mirror is framed in a stunning Indian Sheesham wood body which is given a honey finish to really bring out the bold tones of the wood. This item would be perfect in a bedroom or a bathroom as its size is ideal for personal hygiene, applying makeup and getting yourself looking your best for the morning commute, however this mirror is ...

Jali Sheesham Mirror (J37)



The Jali Mirror might just be what you are looking for to help complete a room in the home be in the living room, bathroom or the bedroom and would be great at making any of these rooms look bigger, and brighter than before. The Frame of the Jali Mirror is made from Indian Sheesham wood and really stands out thanks to traditional Indian Jali iro ...