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Sheesham Drawers

Welcome to our Sheesham Drawers collection, where you are sure to find that Rosewood Furniture you’ve been after. Featuring in our ever expanding Sheesham Furniture Range the choices are endless, with each design offering it’s own unique look.

Here you will find popular items such as the Sheesham Chest Of Drawers, which gifts plenty of storage space. Featuring an abundance of different styles from our variety of ranges such as Jali Furniture, we can guarantee a uniquely personal furniture option for your home.

Indian Sheesham Wood is known for providing a durable and fantastic looking furniture alternative, which we also ensure is sustainable by naturally sourcing our materials.

Browse our beautiful selection below:

Light Large Cube Chest Of Drawers

Light Large Cube Chest Of Drawers (CB10L)



The Light Large Cube Chest Of Drawers would be a great addition to your bedroom. The unit packs loads of storage space thanks to its 7 drawers – 3 small ones at the top and 4 larger drawers at the bottom of the unit. This makes it a versatile unit for multiple storage tasks from accessories, to clothes and even linen. The Light Large Cube Ches ...

Cuba Dark 2 Over 3 Drawer Chest (CB8W)



The Cuba Dark 2 over 3 Drawer Chest is a lavish and show stopping piece of bedroom furniture. This wonderful piece blends both practicality with the traditional cozy wood vibe. Each unit comes with 5 drawers perfect for items such as small clothes, bedding, cosmetics, toiletries and other bedroom accessories. Every piece is manufactured out of ...
Cuba Bedside Table

Cuba Bedside Table (CB7W)



The Cuba Bedside Table would be a very useful addition to your bedroom. The unit comes with 3 drawers which are great for storing all of your bedroom essentials and keeping clutter at bay. The unit’s smooth surface top is also great for a lamp and an alarm clock. The Cuba Bedside Table is made from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood which is give ...

Cuba Dark 4 Drawer Chest (CB11W)



The Sheesham Drawer Chest is one of over 100 items in our Cuba Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% Solid Sheesham Wood. To achieve the dark finish we apply a warm honey stain and then apply a clear lacquer on top of that. The lacquer not only offers protection, but it gives the wood a smoother and more polished feel. Th ...

Cuba Dark 7 Drawer Chest (CB10W)



The Cuba Dark 7 Drawer Chest is a must have feature for any bedroom design. This contemporary yet traditional piece includes 7 roomy drawers which are perfect for a number of bedroom essentials, including towels, toiletries, cosmetics, clothes, bedding and much more. Every piece is crafted out of the highest quality Indian Sheesham wood, which ...
Tall Cuba Chest Of Drawers

Tall Cuba Chest Of Drawers (C20W)



The Tall Cuba Chest of Drawers offers great storage for your bedroom as well as a space saving design. The unit comes with 5 spacious drawers that would be great for clothes, towels, as well as other accessories. The unit is design is that of a ‘tall boy’ meaning the unit has a tall and thin appearance allowing it to be used in tighter spaces t ...
Tall Cube Chest of Drawers

Tall Cube Chest of Drawers (C20)



This Tall Cube Chest of Drawers would look at home in the bedroom room, nursery or study offering 5 drawers worth of storage space and is extremely versatile as it can hold small clothes, toiletries, accessories, stationary and other odds and ends which will fit in seamlessly thanks to its slim design. The possibilities are endless with this 100 ...
Light Large Jali Drum

Light Large Jali Drum (J21L)



The Light Large Jali Drum is a great alternative to a traditional set of drawers and is very suited to a bedroom. The Light Large Jali Drum comes with 4 well-proportioned drawers which is fantastic for storing small clothes, accessories, toiletries, morning and night essentials and keepsakes. The Light Large Jali Drum is made from nothing but th ...
Light Jali Drum

Light Jali Drum (J20L)



The Light Jali Drum offers a unique design alternative for those who do not find that a traditional chest of drawers would fit their design. The unit comes with 5 drawers which are great for keeping various bedroom accessories in such as toiletries, socks or makeup. The drum design makes the Light Jali Drum Chest very versatile and would surely fit ...
Light Jali Drum Chest

Light Jali Drum Chest (J19L)



The Light Jali Drum Chest is a quirky storage unit that comes with 3 drawers and would work very well in a bedroom, as it is great at storing socks, toiletries, accessories and makeup among other things. Its versatile design allows it to also be used as a bedside table thanks to its smooth round top allowing for a lamp and alarm clock. The Light ...