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Sheesham Dining Room

On this page you will see our deluxe range of Sheesham Wood Furniture, which has been handpicked to thrive within your dining rooma aesthetic throughout the years.

Bursting with premium excellence, each of these Solid Wood Furniture units have been crafted with a loving touch and ensured to wupport your houshold with dining, gaming and even studying experiences.

By incorporating items such as our Sheesham Dining Table units into your home, you can rely on a durably supportive furniture addition with fashionable designs which retain both their charisma and charm.

Furthermore, the Sheesham Wood used within these products has been naturally sourced and quality checked to guarantee fantastic looking units.

So why not browse either these Sheesham Dining Table and Chairs  or any of our accessories below and create your own dining room design with your own personal twist.


Jali Sideboard

Jali Sideboard (J5)



This Jali Sideboard offers a cupboard section which is closed in with 2 doors each featuring bespoke Indian Jali iron work and 2 additional drawers which give this piece loads of storage potential. Great for a living room, bedroom, hallway or study this item is can be used for storing and displaying photo's, books, ornaments and any other items you ...
Large Jali Sideboard

Large Jali Sheesham Sideboard (J4)



This Large Jali Sideboard is a great item for displaying and storing photos, collectibles, ornaments and mementos and it manages this with ease with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards which each have an interior shelf making this a great item for giving a home that bit of additional storage while gaining something of such beauty. The Large Jali Sideboar ...
Jali Light Dining Chair

Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair (J46L)



This Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair is perfect for any dining room. It has the Jali iron work embedded within the backrest, which gives it that really authentic Indian feeling. The chair on its own looks great, but when seen in a set and combined with one of a Sheesham dining table, it brings the whole dining room to life. The Jali Light She ...
Jali Light 160cm Dining Table

Jali Light 160cm Dining Table (J41L)



This premium Sheesham Wood Dining Table is crafted with a loving hand and combines traditional charm with an Indian twist. With a vibrant light wood finish, these units are perfectly complimented with up to 4 of our Sheesham Dining Chairs.  This Rosewood Dining Table is fashioned from the most premium Sheesham Wood material, making them ethical ...
Jali Light 180cm Dining Table

Jali Light 180cm Dining Table (J42L)



The Jali Light 180cm Dining Table makes the perfect dining table to add to your dining room collection. The light Sheesham wood that makes the table is of the finest quality and is sure to bring a whole new feeling to your dining room. It has plenty of space to accommodate up to 6 chairs and looks amazing with a set of our Rattan or leather chai ...
Cube Natural 160cm Dining Table

Cube Natural 160cm Dining Table (C18N)



This Cube Natural 160cm Dining Table is perfect for placement in a dining room for family meals, working or even studying. It's long length makes it ideal for birthdays or Christmas. It is a solid Sheesham dining table, making it blend into a traditionally decorated room wonderfully. The table is a splendid piece on its own but when combined wi ...
Cube Natural 120cm Dining Table

Cube Natural 120cm Dining Table (C17N)



This Cube Natural 120cm Dining Table is an excellent addition to any dining room. It is the perfect piece on its own but when it is combined with a set of our leather or rattan dining chairs it brings the entire dining set and the dining room to life. It is perfect for family meals, working or even studying. It is ideal for placing drinks, nibbl ...
Jali Natural 180cm Dining Table

Jali Natural 180cm Dining Table (J42N)



The Jali Natural 180cm Dining Table is ideal for gatherings, parties or maybe just a meal. It's size is perfect for a meal for 6 or could even be used as a working or studying area. The metal brackets on the corners of the wood give this table a traditional and rustic feeling which means it blends in very well to a traditionally decorated room. ...
Jali Natural 160cm Dining Table

Jali Natural 160cm Dining Table (J41N)



From our Sheesham Wood Furniture is this exclusive dining table ideal for medium sized familes. With the capability to host up to 4 seats, these tables make the perfect Sheesham Dining Table and Chairs bundles, or can be used invidually for a charismatic aesthetic.  The Sheesham Wood incorporated into these units is as naturally sourced as poss ...
Jali Natural Dining Chair

Jali Natural Dining Chair (J46N)



This Jali Natural Dining Chair is a truly stunning piece to see. It's intricate craftsmanship and design make it something to enjoy looking at and sitting on. The iron work on the back rest of the chair give it even more class and certainly make it a talking point. The way this chair has been designed means that, thanks to the space on either sid ...