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Sheesham Dining Room Chairs

A Dining Table is nothing without somewhere to sit and our collection of Sheesham Dining Chairs with their versatile yet durable Indian Sheesham Wood frames and elegant designs are the perfect final touch.

If you are looking for Sheesham Dining Chairs then view the stunning options available from our Sheesham Furniture UK collection below:

Jali Light Dining Chair

Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair (J46L)



This Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair is perfect for any dining room. It has the Jali iron work embedded within the backrest, which gives it that really authentic Indian feeling. The chair on its own looks great, but when seen in a set and combined with one of a Sheesham dining table, it brings the whole dining room to life. The Jali Light She ...
Jali Natural Dining Chair

Jali Natural Dining Chair (J46N)



This Jali Natural Dining Chair is a truly stunning piece to see. It's intricate craftsmanship and design make it something to enjoy looking at and sitting on. The iron work on the back rest of the chair give it even more class and certainly make it a talking point. The way this chair has been designed means that, thanks to the space on either sid ...
Reclaimed Indian Dining Chair

Reclaimed Indian Dining Chair (RF11)



The Reclaimed Indian Dining Chair may be a simple product on its own, however when combined with an elegant dining table it oozes rugged charm and is sure to make your dining experience that bit more comfortable. The Reclaimed Indian Dining Chair is made from Reclaimed Indian Sheesham wood which is re invented in this charming item and is read t ...
Jali Dining Chair

Jali Sheesham Dining Chair (J46)



This Jali Sheesham Dining Chair is ideal for a dining room. It looks great on its own but when it is combined with other chairs of the same kind and added to one of our dining tables, it creates a beautiful dining set that will bring your dining room to life. The backrest of the Jali Sheesham Dining Chair is decorated using the Jali iron work th ...
Jali Sheesham Slat Chair

Jali Sheesham Slat Dining Chair (J45)



The Jali Sheesham Slat Dining Chair is an ideal candidate to be added to your dining room set or used as a backup if you have guests over. The chair is comes in a 'slat' design which makes it great for adding your own touches to the item such as a cushion for example. The Jali Slat Chair is made from nothing but the finest Indian Sheesham which is ...