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Sheesham Desks

Welcome to our Sheesham Desks cluster which are featured in our ever expanding Sheesham Furniture collection! Each unit features it’s own unique design as well as being spacious for holding your PC’s or Laptops!

All our Desks are crafted from only the highest quality of Indian Sheesham Wood. Browse our stunning choices available, like the Cuba Computer Desk below:

Cube Natural 3 Drawer Desk

Cube Natural 3 Drawer Desk (C38N)



The Cube Natural 3 Drawer Desk is perfect for use in a study or a living room as a work station or as a study area. The desk has 3 drawers on the right side and a flat, open space on which to work on the top. The handles that are attached to the desk are made from metal to ensure the desk blends in well with a modern decor.The Cube Natural 3 Dr ...
Light Cuba Computer Desk

Light Cuba Computer Desk (C38LW)



This Light Cuba Computer Desk is the perfect piece for a study. It offers 3 vertically stacked drawers on the right side of the desk that make it a brilliant piece to use as a workstation, and its spacious surface top would be a great place to keep a desktop.The Light Cuba Computer Desk is made from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood which is g ...
Cuba Computer Desk

Cuba Computer Desk (C38W)



This Cuba Computer Desk would be great for any home study or office. The unit comes with a spacious surface top which is great for a desktop computer and has room to slot a computer chair in keeping the room clutter free. As an added bonus the Cuba Computer Desk also comes with 3 handy storage drawers which are very useful of all your pc accessorie ...
Cube Computer Desk

Cube Computer Desk (C38)



This Cube Computer Desk is ideal for your home office or study and great for students or those who work from home.The Smooth surface top is a very stable place for your computer and even comes extra space to stand your favourite photos or extras. The unit also comes with 3 spacious drawers to keep your paperwork and stationery organised and nea ...
Light Cube Computer Desk

Light Cube Computer Desk (C38L)



The Light Cube Computer Desk would be a great start for a home study or work office. The unit’s surface top would easily be able to accommodate a desktop or all in one unit and comes with 3 handy storage drawers for all your computer accessories and storage.The Light Cube Computer Desk is made from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood which is giv ...