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Sheesham Coffee Tables

On this page you will see our extensive range of deluxe Sheesham Coffee Table options, all of which provide a luxuriously sophisticated atmosphere into your living room.

Our Rosewood Furniture is crafted with a premium touch and thoroughly ensured to retain its charismatic flair, providing you with a durably supportive furniture addition which is highlighted throughout our extensive range including our Rosewood TV Unit options.

To create these fantastic living room centrepieces, we only use naturally sourced Indian Sheesham Wood to produce ethically sustainable furniture alternatives.

Destined to thrive within your living room aesthetic, these compact units can be complimented by any of our other furniture options, such as our Sheesham Sideboard units, so that you can forever bolster your style, service and storage.


Light Indian Rosewood Coffee Table

Light Indian Rosewood Coffee Table (JP3L)



This Sheesham Wood Coffee Table is the sleek sophisticated way to complete your dream living room aesthetic. Each unit encompasses 2 shelving areas, alongside a premium light wood exterior and Sheesham Wood fashion. Each Sheesham Coffee Table we offer is ensured to retain its sophisticated egde throughout the years, and is also available ...
Indian Rosewood Coffee Table

Indian Rosewood Coffee Table (JP3H)



This Rosewood Coffee Table is bursting with luxury and sophistication, making them durable yet fashionable at the same time. The Sheesham Wood fashion makes this 2 shelved unit stand strongly, whilst gifting your family an abundance of style, service and storage throughout its 4 drawers. With a honey wood finish, this Sheesham Wood Table is also ...
Reclaimed Indian Iron Crank Table

Reclaimed Indian Iron Crank Table (RF14)



Adjustable Reclaimed Indian Iron Crank Table - wooden tabletop fitted with an iron base crank making it an easily adoptable feature for any design of your choosing, will work in a living room, landing or even in a pub. The only one available in this specification with a round table top design and rugged and simplistic design perfect for those who ...
Sheesham Trunk Coffee Table

Sheesham Circular Trunk Coffee Table (J43N)



The Sheesham Trunk Coffee Table is a fantastic piece of Sheesham furniture that is sure to bring your living room to life. It offers a flat top as the table and underneath there is a large storage area that is amazing when it comes to keeping things out of the way. The Sheesham Trunk Coffee Table is also available in a dark finish. ...
Natural Jali Coffee Table

Natural Jali Sheesham Coffee Table (J24N)



The Natural Jali Sheesham Coffee Table is a fantastic piece of living room furniture that is sure to bring your collection of Sheesham furniture to the pinnacle. The Natural Jali coffee table offers tons of potential for, not only a drinks surface, but also storage. There is a voided space in the center of the table that is able to accommodate sm ...
Cuba Light 4 Drawer Coffee Table

Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table (C16LW)



The Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table is a wonderful piece for a living room that needs something new adding to it to give it that traditional feeling. There are 4 drawers that can be opened from both sides so you can get to your belongings no matter which side of the table you're on. This Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table is a ...
Light Cuba 4 Drawer Coffee Table

Light Cuba 4 Drawer Coffee Table (C16W)



The Light Cuba 4 Drawer Coffee Table is just waiting to become a feature of your living room. The unit fulfils it role as a Coffee Table thanks to its smooth and spacious surface top making it great for keeping a warm mug of coffee or for keeping clutter such as newspapers and the TV remote off the floor. However as an added bonus the Light Cuba 4 ...
Light Cube Coffee Table

Light Cube Coffee Table (C24L)



The Light Cube Coffee Table is an essential item for any living room. The unit is great at being a standard coffee table as you will be able to keep a hot drink, magazine, newspaper and TV remote all on its smooth surface top which will certainly be an invaluable feature in your living room. In addition to this the unit comes with a handy storage s ...
Cube Coffee Table with Drawers

Cube Coffee Table with Drawers (C16)



This Cube Coffee Table with Drawers will make a perfect addition to your home.  The unit comes with four generous drawers provide suitable storage for magazines and books or how about CD’s and DVD’s?, while also being ideal for resting your coffee cup when settling down to watch your favourite TV program giving you the best of both comfort and ...
Light Large Jali Thakat Coffee Table

Light Large Jali Thakat Coffee Table (J32L)



The Light Large Jali Thakat Coffee Table would make a great addition to the living room as a useful and striking coffee table, meaning its uses are things that we would not normally notice such as the ability to place down a hot cup of coffee down, keeping the TV remote off the floor so it doesn’t get broken, keeping your magazines and newspapers ...