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Sheesham Bookcases

On this page you will see our amazing range of Sheesham Bookcase units, which combine an abundance of storage with a luxuriously chic design.

All of our Sheesham Furniture is crafted with a skilfull hand to ensure that you contain long lasting sophistication throughout hundreds of family experiences.

Solid Wood Furniture is renown for capturing charismatic flair with a dash of modern sleekness – and in this case gives the oppertunitu for sytle, service and, most importantly, storage.

Featuring many different styles and designs, including our premium Jali Furniture, these bookcases are designed to thrive within any home aesthetic or room. There are products here to suit any requirements, but all carry that durable guarantee.

Browse these fantastic Rosewood Bookcase options and forever heighten your home design.

Indian Rosewood Bookcase

Indian Rosewood Bookcase (JP12H)



Our Indian Rosewood Bookcase is a great way to compromise any storage solutions for a study or even a living room. This unit comes with 4 shelfs that can hold; books, files, DVD’s, collectables and much more. The bookcase is made from solid Indian Sheesham Wood and is given a warm, rich honey wood finish. The Indian Rosewood Bookcase is also a ...
Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet

Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet (JP9H)



This Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet is one of our finest pieces of Indian Sheesham wood furniture and the unit offers luxury and sophistication. Within this compact frame there lie 3 interior shelves that are hidden behind 2 solid Sheesham doors that hold iron cast handles. The example is of a rich honey wood finish that shows a unique tone and deign ...
Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf

Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf (JP8L)



This Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf features 2 spacious shelves that would be great for; books, DVD's, folders and collectables. This unit would also be a great addition for the living room, bedroom or study. This is crafted from only the finest cuts of Sheesham wood. This Rosewood Bookshelf also features a light wood finish. The Light Indian R ...
Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase

Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase (C40N)



This Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase is a truly beautiful piece to add to your living room, study or even bedroom. It offers 4 large areas in which you can display things like photos, ornaments, etc. and keep things safe and out of sight or reach like medication, DVDs, CDs, etc. This Cube Natural Bookcase is also available in a light and ...
Cuba Light 2 Drawer Bookcase

Cuba Light 2 Drawer Bookcase (C31LW)



This Cuba Light 2 Drawer Bookcase is a beautiful addition to any living room, study or even bedroom. There are 2 spacious shelves at the top for your books, DVDs, CD's, etc. and there are also 2 sizable drawers for keeping little bits safe and tidy. The bookcase is made from 100% solid Sheesham wood. This Cuba Light 2 Drawer Bookcase is also ...
Natural Jali Bookcase

Natural Jali Bookcase (J14N)



This Natural Jali Bookcase comes with 4 shelves which are all well sized and would be able to hold any shape and size of book and it can also be used an improvised display cabinet or even a DVD or CD rack, whatever its use the Natural Jali Bookcase would look fantastic in the living room, bedroom or even in the study. Speaking of looks the Natur ...
Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase

Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase (C9NW)



The Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase is a great choice for any living room or study that has an alcove of a corner to fill. There are 4 shelves for your books, DVDs, etc. which are accompanied by a drawer at the bottom to give you some privacy when storing things away. The Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase is also available in a light and dark fini ...
Natural Open Jali Bookcase

Natural Open Jali Bookcase (J17N)



The Natural Open Jali Bookcase is a beautiful piece to add to your living room or study furniture collection. There are 4 large shelves stacked vertically that each provide tons of storage and display space for your books, DVDs, CDs, etc. as well as offering loads of space for smaller items within the 2 drawers at the bottom, and its backless desi ...

Cube Light Bookcase with Baskets (C8L&B42)



The Sheesham Bookcase is one of over 100 items in our Cube Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% Solid Sheesham Wood. To achieve the light finish we simply apply a clear lacquer to the wood. The lacquer not only offers protection, but it gives the wood a smoother and more polished feel. Our Sheesham Furniture has great st ...

Cube Light Large Square Bookcase (C41L)



The Cube Light Large Square Bookcase is made using 100% Indian Sheesham Wood. It has a very unique design, featuring 5 shelf areas, one of which is in the very centre of the piece to give it it's unique design and useful shape. It would look wonderful in a living room, study or maybe a hallway. The Cube Light Large Square Bookcase is also avail ...