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September is here!

Posted on September 2, 2019


Good Morning everyone! Welcome to this gorgeous Monday morning, the beginning of a wondrous and exciting September. I personally love September. When the weather slowly changes to a misty cool breeze, with the crisps leaves floating down from the heavens to the tarmac below.

Do you love September reader? I sure do, it’s a magnificent season filled with rural colours and exciting patterns.

No matter what your opinion is, a true fact is that this year has whizzed by like a formula 1 race car. New year dissolved into Easter before falling into the mid-summer heatwave. I also think that Autumn is the timeless season to incorporate your beautiful Sheesham Wood Furniture.

For example, having that Indian Rosewood Bookcase standing proud and tall is the seamless way to completely bolster your home throughout the descending temperatures. Image yourself lounging on your luxury sofa with a book handpicked from this solid wood frame, the scent of cinnamon candles dancing around the room and brushing against your fingertips –heaven!

Or how about our Cuba Range, complete with Solid Wood handles for a premium finish. This is what Autumn is all about for me. Spooky Halloween costumes, the familiar glow of a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a good thick scarf to protect you from the harsh winds.

At the end of the day, reader, every season is beautiful in its on way. However the natural charm and durability of our naturally sourced Indian Rosewood really means you get the absolute most out of your home, living and dining experience.

That’s the end of todays blog reader, and I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite season – Autumn, and are admiring your gorgeous Small Light Jali Bookcase. Goodbye everyone, and have a brilliant September, just like I am planning to do!