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My New Sheesham Bedroom.

Posted on May 31, 2019

Reading in the Sheesham Bedroom

Good morning readers, I hope you are well and ready for the weekend! Recently, I have moved house and in doing so have redecorated a brand new chic bedroom for myself. Of course, I have decorated using Sheesham Furniture to fill my bedroom with personality and sophistication.

My bedroom is my pride and joy, so the first thing I dashed out to buy was the Cube Dark 5ft King Size Bed – so that I can sprawl like a starfish and cherish every inch of the elegant bed. It stands proudly in the middle of my room and radiates its glossy dark exterior.

Then, I made sure to deck out my Sheesham Bedroom with the classic Tall Cube Mirror, a large unit whose sleek design encompasses premium quality. I love jumping out of bed and seeing the natural sunlight gleam off of the polished glass, casting a waterfall of colour around the room.

I am able to keep the room tidy and clutter free with my Cube Double Wardrobe, a towering unit which is bursting with storage potential. Before I dared to rest I colour coordinated my clothes before I hung them neatly and enclosed them safely behind sturdy wooden doors. The deluxe quality is incorporated into the uniformed design and even comes with a single drawer for my special weekend shoes!

To finish off the look, I simply had to invest in two Cube Bedside Tables. These adorable units are the perfect size to use for lamps, drinks books and even alarm clocks. Their marvelous design combines both traditional and modern designs completing the units with a cosmopolitan finish. I adore these pieces, and lovingly place my morning drinks on them as I admire the room I have created. I can now sleep better at night knowing I have a beautifully contemporary bedroom that has limitless potential and charisma.

Well readers, that’s it for now. I hope I have provided some inspiration so you can create you own Sheesham Bedroom!