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Jali Sheesham Furniture

Welcome to our Jali Furniture range, which is bursting with unlimited potential and a vast range of on trend units.

The Indian flair radiating from each of these Solid Wood Furniture pieces is enough to revamp your entire home aesthetic, as well as providing style service and storage throughout.

We are proud to guarantee that our Indian Sheesham Wood is 100% naturally sourced and crafted with a skillfull eye so that your interior designs retains that fresh, sophisticated feeling. The on trend design featured within products such as our Jali Coffee Table allow for a luxuriously practical living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Similar to our Sheesham Cube Furniture, each and every one of our products highlights either a honey, natural or light wood finish to suit your requirements anf guarantee a fantastic looking home.

Medium Jali TV Unit

Medium Jali TV Unit (J51)



The Medium Jali TV Unit would be great for a medium TV set. The unit comes with 2 shelves, one which spans the width of the unit and another smaller one underneath. in addition there are 2 drawers either side of the unit for that bit of extra storage - this makes this a great all rounder for all of your media needs. The Medium Jali TV Unit is ma ...
Jali Sideboard

Jali Sideboard (J5)



This Jali Sideboard offers a cupboard section which is closed in with 2 doors each featuring bespoke Indian Jali iron work and 2 additional drawers which give this piece loads of storage potential. Great for a living room, bedroom, hallway or study this item is can be used for storing and displaying photo's, books, ornaments and any other items you ...
Large Jali Sideboard

Large Jali Sheesham Sideboard (J4)



This Large Jali Sideboard is a great item for displaying and storing photos, collectibles, ornaments and mementos and it manages this with ease with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards which each have an interior shelf making this a great item for giving a home that bit of additional storage while gaining something of such beauty. The Large Jali Sideboar ...
Jali Hi Fi Cabinet

Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet (J3)



The Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet would be great in a living room, bedroom and study. As the name suggests this unit has a large cupboard section which incorporates 2 shelves and is protected by a cupboard door which is ideal for your HiFi system and 2 drawers at the top which would be great for keeping all of your favourite CD's close at hand. This Jali H ...
Jali TV Cabinet

Jali Sheesham TV Cabinet (J2)



This premium Jali Sheesham TV Cabinet can be used as a Sheesham cabinet, rosewood tv stand or even as a Solid Wood Furniture piece to bolster your home aesthetic! Each charmingly fashionable unit offers 2 CD racks, a protected and enclosed cabinet as well as a media shelf and surface area. Indian Rosewood furniture is an on-trend furniture alter ...
Jali Corner TV Unit

Jali Corner TV Unit (J1)



This Jali TV Corner Unit consists of 3 spacious shelves which are great for storing your media devices such as a DVD player, Digital TV box or Games console with ease and with the inclusion of 2 cupboards on the outer edge of the piece there really is going to be no issue with storage and will always look neat and Tidy. This item is made with India ...
Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet

Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet (J3N)



The Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet comes complete with a large cupboard with 2 interior shelves which are ideal for a Hi-Fi unit which will be very well protected behind a large door. The unit also comes with an additional 2 drawers is very handy for keeping all of your best albums nearby and in great condition. The Natural Jali Hi-Fi Cabinet is mad ...
Natural Jali TV Cabinet

Natural Jali TV Cabinet (J2N)



The Natural Jali TV Cabinet is perfect for anyone with a small TV set as it comes with a smooth surface top and single shelf underneath with circular cut-out which is great for a TV and DVD combination (or a digital TV box or games console) allowing you to keep untidy wires out of site and contained. In addition there is a cupboard which is protect ...
Jali Light Dining Chair

Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair (J46L)



This Jali Light Sheesham Dining Chair is perfect for any dining room. It has the Jali iron work embedded within the backrest, which gives it that really authentic Indian feeling. The chair on its own looks great, but when seen in a set and combined with one of a Sheesham dining table, it brings the whole dining room to life. The Jali Light She ...
Jali Light 160cm Dining Table

Jali Light 160cm Dining Table (J41L)



The Jali Light 160cm Dining Table is a truly magnificent piece to add to your collection of dining room furniture. There is enough space around it to accommodate up to 4 people and still have room left over for dinner. It is perfect for working, studying or maybe just eating a meal with the family. The Jali Light 160cm Dining Table is also av ...
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