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The evolution of Music!

Posted on June 20, 2018

Image of a bright coloured background, with music notes placed everywhere.

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone is doing well this morning, despite the cloudy weather outside!  Today’s blog has been inspired by music, which is something I have been itching to write about for a while at my Sheesham dining table.

This morning I had gone down stairs and as I always do in my daily routine turn on the radio that is placed on top of my Sheesham Sideboard expecting to listen into BBC Radio 2 coverage. However, that didn’t happen this morning. When my radio was switched on= I was ‘greeted’ with some rather loud music referred to as ‘dubstep’ which was instantly switched off.

So, this is what brought me to today’s blog topic, how music has changed over the years. Much like fashion, music has followed the similar trend in its evolution process from the good old classics Whitney Houston, I want to dance with somebody to Chris Brown, Freaky Friday. A huge leap right?

Whilst I understand that changes are near inevitable, it has and still is changing at an extremely rapid rate. I suppose really everything all boils down to one area, people want something fresh and don’t want to experience or listen to things they feel that they already have.

I guess you will find this strange coming from someone who is only 19 years of age, as I probably should be listening to the new dance music. However, that isn’t really the case with me being raised in a household which adores the 70s, 80s and 90s, seeing me stray away from the new songs.

I’ll be completely honest, I really do like most of the new modern day music.  It’s just fascinated me how much music and other things have changed quickly overtime.

To finish today’s daily Sheesham blog off I will leave you with only two more questions: What do you think music will be like in 100 years’ time? Will it be the same, revert back to the old styled music or something completely different?