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Do you Spend or Save?

Posted on December 11, 2018

Spend or Save

Good Morning readers of the wonderful Sheesham blog! How are you all today? Hopefully you are doing better than me. Well that wouldn’t be too hard. I am both ill and really disappointed with myself. I am ill due to this weather it drags all of the energy out of you and makes it really hard to get out of the Cube Natural 6ft Bed Super King Size. The weather is absolutely horrible isn’t it; I cannot wait until summer again.

However I am disappointed with myself as I said to myself that I wouldn’t spend any more money on myself until after Christmas as I believed that it would be very reasonable for me to do. Yet, obviously I was wrong. I must be some sort of idiot who decides to spend £60 on a phone case. What kind of idiotic person decides to spend that much money on a phone case when it is two weeks before Christmas? However when you see deals such as 25% off everything then you just have to get them.

However it has got me thinking. What silly things do you spend your money on that you regret? Well not regret but you feel guilty about it. Because if you are like me then you waste a lot of your money on things that you simply don’t need. I have been bad with my money ever since I was a child as most of my weekly allowance would go straight on Match Attax or similar items. But I have a good way of saving my money. It is I save until I want something and then I get it.

Anyway that has been today’s Sheesham blog, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and hopefully it has made you feel better about your bad spending habits, come back soon for the next one.