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Cuba Sheesham

Welcome to our deluxe range of Cuba Furniture, which has been crafted using the finest naturally sourced wood. By incorporating Rosewood Furniture into your home, you can rely on fantastic looking products that are not only functional, but that also retain a thriving design throughout.

Incorporating units such as our Sheesham Wood Coffee Table units, this collection features modern seamless designs.

The light, honey or natural wood finish seen throughout this Sheesham Wood Furniture is perfect for adapting to your specific aesthetic for a personalised touch.

Similar to Sheesham Cube Furniture, these units feature solid wooden handles to provide easy to use furniture alternatives.

Browse this deluxe range below.

Light Cube Corner TV Unit

Light Cuba Corner TV Unit (C25LW)



The Light Cuba Corner TV Unit is a superb addition to a home. It offers 4 drawers on the outer edges that make it easy to keep DVDs, CDs, controllers, etc. out of the way. There are 2 shelves in the middle of the drawers that allow enough space for part of your entertainment system. The Light Cuba Corner TV Unit is also available in a dark a ...
Cuba Natural 4 Drawer Corner TV Unit

Natural Cuba Corner TV Unit (C25NW)



The Natural Cuba Corner TV Unit offers 4 drawers that make keeping your living room neat and tidy easier than ever. There are also 2 shelves in the centre of the drawers that give you space to put your entertainment system like Sky boxes, DVD players, etc. The handles of the TV unit are made from the same wood as the unit as opposed to metal. ...
Cuba Natural Large Sideboard

Cuba Natural Large Sideboard (C6NW)



The Cuba Natural Large Sideboard is a beautifully made piece of Sheesham furniture that is sure to make your living room look amazing. There are 3 spacious drawers in the middle of the front face as well as 2 cupboards on the outer edges giving even more space for storage. The flat top of the unit gives plenty of display space for photos, ornament ...
Cuba Light 4 Drawer Coffee Table

Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table (C16LW)



The Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table is a wonderful piece for a living room that needs something new adding to it to give it that traditional feeling. There are 4 drawers that can be opened from both sides so you can get to your belongings no matter which side of the table you're on. This Cuba Light 4 Drawer Sheesham Coffee Table is a ...
Cuba Natural Long 4 Drawer TV Unit

Cuba Natural Long 4 Drawer TV Unit (C32NW)



The Cuba Natural Long 4 Drawer TV Unit is made from 100% Indian Sheesham Wood. It is the ultimate piece for any living room that has enough space to accommodate it. There are 4 large drawers at the bottom of the unit for your DVDs, CDs, cables, etc. and has a large shelf above to give you all the space you need for your entertainment system. The f ...
Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase

Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase (C9NW)



The Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase is a great choice for any living room or study that has an alcove of a corner to fill. There are 4 shelves for your books, DVDs, etc. which are accompanied by a drawer at the bottom to give you some privacy when storing things away. The Cuba Natural Slim Jim Bookcase is also available in a light and dark fini ...

Cuba Dark 2 Over 3 Drawer Chest (CB8W)



The Cuba Dark 2 over 3 Drawer Chest is a lavish and show stopping piece of bedroom furniture. This wonderful piece blends both practicality with the traditional cozy wood vibe. Each unit comes with 5 drawers perfect for items such as small clothes, bedding, cosmetics, toiletries and other bedroom accessories. Every piece is manufactured out of ...
Cuba Bedside Table

Cuba Bedside Table (CB7W)



The Cuba Bedside Table would be a very useful addition to your bedroom. The unit comes with 3 drawers which are great for storing all of your bedroom essentials and keeping clutter at bay. The unit’s smooth surface top is also great for a lamp and an alarm clock. The Cuba Bedside Table is made from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood which is give ...
Cuba Dark Double Wardrobe

Cuba Dark Double Wardrobe (CB1W)



This Cuba Dark Double Wardrobe makes the ideal candidate for any bedroom. It offers loads of storage space within its large storage area. There is a bar at the top of the inside for clothes hangers and a drawer at the bottom for things like shoes and accessories. The handles of this unit are wooden to help it blend well with the rest of the wood ...

Cuba Dark 4 Drawer Chest (CB11W)



The Sheesham Drawer Chest is one of over 100 items in our Cuba Sheesham Collection. Our Sheesham Furniture is made from 100% Solid Sheesham Wood. To achieve the dark finish we apply a warm honey stain and then apply a clear lacquer on top of that. The lacquer not only offers protection, but it gives the wood a smoother and more polished feel. Th ...