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Coming to an end?

Posted on November 13, 2018

Abuse of Question Marks

Good Morning Readers of the Sheesham Furniture blog, how are you all today on this fine morning? Personally I am not doing that well, you may ask why it’s because it is coming to an end. This may confuse you but it won’t be anything that you care about it is only the series that I have been watching for the last few weeks Gotham that I am coming to an end to. I have 5 more episodes left of this to watch before I have to wait until the beginning of next year for season 5. So hopefully I can finish this tonight and then find another series for me to watch starting tomorrow. From the few series’ that I actually have fully watched I can tell you the feeling you get when there is no episodes left is absolutely devastating so I don’t know what I am going to do with myself until I find the next good one. I will probably just lie in my Cube King Size Bed looking onto my Cube Natural Sheesham Media Unit and scrolling through pages of Netflix until I find the perfect series.

Anyway, are you watching any series’ at the moment or are you at the stage where I am going to be watching odd episodes of different ones just to try and see one that you fancy to watch. Coming to the end of this will probably be a good thing for me as I spend too much of my time isolated in my bedroom watching this. So hopefully I won’t have an excuse now to stay inside during the winter and that I should actually go out and start being more active.

Anyway, that has been today’s Sheesham Furniture blog, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and come back soon for the next one.