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Christmas has come early?

Posted on October 29, 2018

Advent Calendar

Good morning readers Thursday has arrived and it’s actually fairly warm here in the United Kingdom for once. From wind and rain to a bright sunny day you just couldn’t make this up could you? It’s almost like someone is controlling what type of weather they would like today.

So, has anyone else been shopping in the last two days yet? Well, if you already have then you may have already noticed that Christmas decorations and advents etc are now hitting the shops. Personally, I find this annoying as Christmas is still a month and few days away! I mean we haven’t even had Halloween yet…

Whilst we are on the topic of Chrstimas have you been an early bird and gone out shopping in advance in order to ditch that last minute shopping gift spree? Nothing is worse than having to jump out of that gorgeous Cuba Sheesham Bed which you were having a relaxing afternoon in to just run to the shops and get those all-important presents in.

This year will be my first real experience of Christmas shopping on my own without any help. Now, I still haven’t been out shopping yet as what do you get someone without fearing these three things:

  1. Someone has already bought them it.
  2. They already have it.
  3. They don’t like the present you bought them.

Oh, the joys of shopping for gifts. That’s why I use a trick before getting anything for someone; I usually drop hints here and there so they tell me what they would like without really thinking much about it. Speaking of gifts I wonder what I have been bought for Christmas? Hopefully, it will be a few campervan parts so I can get rolling even quicker on the restoration project.

Anyway, I shall see you all back here tomorrow at Sheesham Furniture for the next daily blog. Enjoy the rest of your day!