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Posted on May 7, 2019


Hello and welcome to another wonderful Sheesham Furniture blog. I hope that you are having a good day and that is has gone fairly fast so far. Well anyway what have you been doing? Have you been busy since I last spoke to you, personally I have been fairly busy however I haven’t been overwhelmed, what about you?

I want to ask you a question, don’t worry this isn’t a tough one. Simply this question is do you follow our Instagram? This isn’t a trick question I am just genuinely wondering which one of you follows our Instagram, or if you even knew that we had one. Well anyway if you didn’t know our Instagram name it is tradefurniturecompany, and the link to get to it is So if you have a minute please go check this out and drop us a follow and maybe leave a like on our last post. As well as that if you have bought an item from us before and especially a Bespoke piece please tag us in that photo as we love to see photos of your furniture in your homes.

Well anyway I can’t go through a blog and not tell you about our great range of Sheesham Sideboards. These include products such as the Light Large Indian Rosewood Sideboard and the Cube Natural Small Sideboard. These products provide you with both a great amount of storage possibilities as well as a stylish design. Well anyway unfortunately that will be the end of today’s blog. I hope that you have had a great time reading this and that you have had a great day. Come back soon for the next blog and don’t forget to have a great day, Goodbye!

P.S Please go check out our Instagram you may be surprised.