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Sheesham Dining Room

Welcome to our Sheesham Dining Room collection. Everything you need to make your dining room spectacular with Indian Sheesham Wood examples of dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards and even stunning Sheesham Wine Racks.

Jali Sideboard

Jali Sideboard (J5)



This Jali Sideboard offers a cupboard section which is closed in with 2 doors each featuring bespoke Indian Jali iron work and 2 additional drawers which give this piece loads of storage potential. Great for a living room, bedroom, hallway or study this item is can be used for storing and displaying photo's, books, ornaments and any other items you ...
Large Jali Sideboard

Large Jali Sideboard (J4)



This Large Jali Sideboard is a great item for displaying and storing photos, collectibles, ornaments and mementos and it manages this with ease with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards which each have an interior shelf making this a great item for giving a home that bit of additional storage while gaining something of such beauty.The Large Jali Sideboar ...
Light Sheesham Bench

Light Sheesham Bench (M40L)



This Light Sheesham Bench is a very versatile seating alternative which would suit multiple rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, conservatories and would be a great alternative to a dining chair and thanks to its manoeuvrability it offers a great seating alternative to those who are unable to accommodate large seating options. Made with only the ...
Light Sheesham Bench

Large Light Sheesham Bench (M41L)



This Large Light Sheesham Bench is an excellent item for those who want a bit of extra seating with more maneuverability than you would get with a couch allowing this item to be fit for multiple purposes. Made from the finest Indian Sheesham this can be used in the living room for a little extra seating when a couch won't fit, a conservatory or ...
Light Sheesham Sideboard

Light Sheesham Sideboard (M31L)



This Light Sheesham Sideboard provides great storage without taking up too much space it would be great in smaller living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or even a study. There are 3 drawers on the left hand side with a cupboard section to the right which are fantastically suited for storing things like cutlery, TV remotes, letters, paperwork, toil ...
Large Light Sheesham Sideboard

Large Light Sheesham Sideboard (M23L)



The Large Light Sheesham Sideboard offers you a multitude of storage options. To begin with there are 2 large cupboards on either side with 2 shelves inside proving you with even extra storage. In the center you will find a smaller cupboard with an additional 2 shelves inside with 2 good sized drawers underneath. This quality of the Large Light Sh ...
Light Sheesham Wine Rack

Light Sheesham Wine Rack (M16L)



The Light Sheesham Wine Rack is great for adding a little sophistication to any living room or dining room layout. Featuring a multipurpose design it incorporates 3 shelves to place photographs, ornaments and other family treasures. There are 2 drawers located in the middle of the unit is great for storing coasters, bottle stoppers and corkscre ...
Small Light Sheesham Dining Table

Small Light Sheesham Dining Table (M15L)



The Small Light Sheesham Dining Table is big enough to host 4 dining chairs and is great to use in small to average sized kitchens due to its compact size providing more maneuverability around smaller kitchens without sacrificing the dining experience. Made entirely of Indian Sheesham the Small Light Sheesham Dining Table is great for those who ...
Light Sheesham Dining table

Light Sheesham Dining Table (M13L)



This Light Sheesham Dining Table has space enough for 4 dining chairs and would be well suited to average sized kitchens. The length of this item also makes it very versatile as aside from everyday family dining it would be able suitable for a variety of tasks such as birthday parties, Christmas gathering, buffets - it could even be used for study ...
Jali Light Dining Chair

Jali Light Dining Chair (J46L)



This Jali Light Dining Chair is perfect for any dining room. It has the Jali iron work embedded within the backrest, which gives it that really authentic Indian feeling. The chair on its own looks great, but when seen in a set and combined with one of a Sheesham dining table, it brings the whole dining room to life.The Jali Light Dining Chair ...
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