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Sheesham Bookcases

Our range of Sheesham Bookcases are the perfect long term storage solution for any living room, bedroom or study with each example being made from Indian Sheesham Wood that includes selections from our Jali and Cube brands as well as some surprise additions, you will be sure to find the Sheesham Bookcase for you.

Indian Rosewood Bookcase

Indian Rosewood Bookcase (JP12H)



Our Indian Rosewood Bookcase is a no compromise storage solution for your living room, bedroom or study. This towering unit comes with 4 spacious shelves which can be used to store anything from books to files, DVD’s, collectables and much, much more.The Indian Rosewood Bookcase is made from 100% Indian Sheesham Wood which is given a rich hon ...
Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet

Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet (JP9H)



The Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet is the perfect home entertainment storage solution for a living room or bedroom. The unit features a spacious cabinet section that includes 3 shelves designed specifically for DVD’s and even CD’s all kept safe and secure behind 2 Solid Wood Doors.The Indian Rosewood DVD Cabinet is made from the finest Indian ...
Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf

Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf (JP8L)



The Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf is a perfect storage option for the living room or study. Each unit comes with 2 spacious shelves that each can hold CD’s, DVD’s, Books, Collectables, folders and much more, with a design that blends with your room rather than dominating the landscape.The Light Indian Rosewood Bookshelf is made from 100% ...
Light Sheesham Bookcase

Small Light Sheesham Bookcase (M48L)



This Small Light Sheesham Bookcase is a great fit for those living in smaller houses or apartments due to it's condensed size meaning it does not take up a lot of space, however because it is smaller it does not compromise on space and is great for not only books but also DVDs, CD's, pictures, collectibles and so on.Great for the living room ...
Large Light Sheesham Bookcase

Large Light Sheesham Bookcase (M47L)



The Large Light Sheesham Bookcase is a fantastic addition to any room in the home, be it the living room, study, landing, kitchen or the bedroom, and we feel they can be used for just about everything. As the name suggests the Large Light Sheesham Bookcase is great for storing books, but it is also great for magazines, ornaments, glassware, dr ...
Light Sheesham Bookcase

Slim Jim Light Sheesham Bookcase (M45L)



The Slim Jim Light Sheesham Bookcase comes in the 'Slim Jim' design is a great storage options for all of your books, CD's and DVD's thanks to 3 spacious shelves. The unit also comes with a handy drawer for additional storage in case you run out of space or need to keep alternative objects inside - photo albums for instance. The quality of the Ind ...
Light Sheesham Display Unit

Light Sheesham Display Unit (M18L)



This Light Sheesham Display Unit hosts 3 well sized shelved behind a glass door which makes it great for storing very fragile ornaments or family heirlooms as they will be well protected, with an additional cupboard section with a shelf providing even more storage space which can be used for books, ornaments or private documents. This product just ...
Light Sheesham Wine Rack

Light Sheesham Wine Rack (M16L)



The Light Sheesham Wine Rack is great for adding a little sophistication to any living room or dining room layout. Featuring a multipurpose design it incorporates 3 shelves to place photographs, ornaments and other family treasures. There are 2 drawers located in the middle of the unit is great for storing coasters, bottle stoppers and corkscre ...
Light Sheesham Bookcase

Light Sheesham Bookcase (M1L)



This Light Sheesham Bookcase is a beautiful piece to call your own. It offers 3 shelves at the top of the unit and a further 2 spacious drawers at the bottom, giving you loads of storage and display space for your living room or study. The bookcase is made from 100% Indian Sheesham wood so it really gives that authentic feeling and makes your liv ...
Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase

Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase (C40N)



This Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase is a truly beautiful piece to add to your living room, study or even bedroom. It offers 4 large areas in which you can display things like photos, ornaments, etc. and keep things safe and out of sight or reach like medication, DVDs, CDs, etc.This Cube Natural Bookcase is also available in a light and ...
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